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Last Posted: Sep 19, 2021
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Impact of paternal education on epigenetic ageing in adolescence and mid-adulthood: a multi-cohort study in the USA and Mexico.
Joyce Brian T et al. International journal of epidemiology 2021 9

Both parental and neighbourhood socio-economic status (SES) are linked to poorer health independently of personal SES measures, but the biological mechanisms are unclear. Our objective was to examine these influences via epigenetic age acceleration (EAA)—the discrepancy between chronological and epigenetic ages.We examined three USA-based [Coronary Artery Risk Disease in Adults (CARDIA) study, Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study (FFCWS) and Programming Research in Obesity, Growth, Environment and Social Stressors (PROGRESS)] and one Mexico-based (Project Viva) cohort. Our findings suggest that EAA captures epigenetic impacts of paternal education independently of personal SES later in life.

Mendelian Randomization: Using Genetics to Study Behaviors and Environments that Cause Disease
CDC, August 2021

An important part of public health research is looking at whether behaviors, environments, and other factors, which can sometimes be changed, make people more likely to get certain diseases. However, showing that these factors cause a specific disease presents challenges. Mendelian randomization studies examine how certain behaviors, environments, or other factors lead to specific health outcomes by looking at genetic differences that affect the way people’s bodies react to the behavior, environment, or other factors.

Harnessing electronic health records to study emerging environmental disasters: a proof of concept with perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)
MR Boland et al, NPJ Digital Medicine, August 11, 2021

We propose the use of electronic health records (EHR) and informatics methods to study the health effects of emergent environmental disasters in a cost-effective manner. An emergent environmental disaster is exposure to perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the Philadelphia area. Penn Medicine (PennMed) comprises multiple hospitals and facilities within the Philadelphia Metropolitan area, including over three thousand PFAS-exposed women living in one of the highest PFAS exposure areas nationwide.

The Contributions of Host Genomics Research to the COVID-19 Response: It’s Not Just About Genes!
E Drzymalla et al, CDC Blog Post, August 3, 2021

Although host genomics studies in COVID-19 are still a work in progress, this type of research has the potential for both a direct public health benefit resulting from genetic knowledge itself and an indirect benefit resulting from the use of genetics to identify modifiable environmental factors. A landmark international collaborative study did both.

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