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Last Posted: Sep-16-2019 09:58:15

Seeking More Precision in Public Health
K. Bibbins-Domingo CDC Seminar, October 22 at 1 pm. Brand

While precision medicine has made advances in individualized patient treatments, progress at the population level requires a public health approach focused on tailored population health and prevention strategies and driven by “big data” approaches. Inclusion of diverse populations and a focus on disparities reduction are key components.

Early-life antibiotic use and gut microbiota
L Koch, September 13, 2019

Most preterm infants with very low birth weight who are admitted to neonatal intensive care units receive antimicrobial therapy, and any resulting antibiotic-induced perturbation of the gut microbiota was thought to resolve with time. A study reports metagenomic signatures of early-life antibiotic treatment and hospitalization in preterm infants persist long-term.

Powering discovery in blood disorders and depression
A Cranage, Sanger Institute, September 2019

"UK Biobank data is so vast, and so detailed. It has changed the way we do research in human genetics. We are beginning not only to understand the complex genetic basis of a whole variety of devastating human diseases, but also how to better use this genetic information to understand how to predict and treat these diseases.”

Learn Your Family History of Breast and Ovarian Cancer
CDC, 2019 Brand

Learning your family history of cancer, from both your mother’s and father’s sides, can help you know if you have a higher risk for getting breast or ovarian cancer at a young age.Asking your relatives about their cancer histories can be hard. Here are some tips for talking with your family about this topic.

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