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Last Posted: Jun 17, 2021
spot light Spotlight

Genetic variants associated with inherited cardiovascular disorders among 13,131 asymptomatic older adults of European descent
P Lacaze et al, NPJ Genomic Medicine, June 16, 2021

We performed targeted sequencing of 25 genes used routinely in clinical genetic testing for inherited cardiovascular disorders in a population of 13,131 asymptomatic older individuals (mean age 75 years) enrolled in the ASPREE trial. In total, 119 participants had pathogenic/deleterious variants in one of 25 genes analyzed (carrier rate of 1 in 110 or 0.9%)

Summer Camp, A Place Where A Kid Can Just Be A Kid… Even If He Or She Has Sickle Cell Disease
CDC, June 2021

Summer camp can positively affect any child’s mental and physical health, but perhaps even more so if the child lives with a chronic medical condition such as sickle cell disease (SCD). For these children, the summer camp experience can provide support and education and reduce the social isolation so often experienced by those with a challenging health condition.

The Bloodline Newsletter
CDC, June 2021

The Bloodline is a quarterly newsletter that provides updates about the SCDC program. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated on the SCDC program’s health communications activities, data, presentations, and more.

Towards precision medicine in heart failure
CS Weldy et al, Nat Rev Cardiol, June 9, 2021

We summarize the biology of heart failure (HF), emphasizing the causal relationships between genetic contributors and traditional structure-based remodelling outcomes, and highlight the mechanisms of action of traditional and novel therapeutics. We discuss the latest advances in our understanding of both the Mendelian genetics of cardiomyopathy and the complex genetics of the clinical syndrome presenting as HF.

news Latest News and Publications
Implantation of a biochemical and genetic screening programme for family hypercholesterolaemia. Collaboration between the clinical laboratory and lipid units: Design of the ARIAN Project. External Web Site Icon
Arrobas Velilla Teresa et al. Clinica e investigacion en arteriosclerosis : publicacion oficial de la Sociedad Espanola de Arteriosclerosis 2021
Non-Ischemic Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Role of 12 Lead Holter, Family Screening and Genetic Testing. External Web Site Icon
Blich Miry et al. Pacing and clinical electrophysiology : PACE 2021
Development of a predictive risk model for all-cause mortality in patients with diabetes in Hong Kong. External Web Site Icon
Lee Sharen et al. BMJ open diabetes research & care 2021 9(1)
Implementation of a Machine-Learning Algorithm in the Electronic Health Record for Targeted Screening for Familial Hypercholesterolemia: A Quality Improvement Study. External Web Site Icon
Sheth Samip et al. Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes 2021 CIRCOUTCOMES120007641
Longitudinal cohorts for harnessing the electronic health record for disease prediction in a US population. External Web Site Icon
Manemann Sheila M et al. BMJ open 2021 11(6) e044353
Obstructive sleep apnea prediction from electrocardiogram scalograms and spectrograms using convolutional neural networks. External Web Site Icon
Nasifoglu Huseyin et al. Physiological measurement 2021
Use of artificial intelligence as an instrument of evaluation after stroke: a scoping review based on international classification of functioning, disability and health concept. External Web Site Icon
Luvizutto Gustavo José et al. Topics in stroke rehabilitation 2021 1-16
Machine Learning-Based Prediction of Brain Tissue Infarction in Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke Treated With Theophylline as an Add-On to Thrombolytic Therapy: A Randomized Clinical Trial Subgroup Analysis. External Web Site Icon
Modrau Boris et al. Frontiers in neurology 2021 12613029
Meeting the unmet needs of clinicians from AI systems showcased for cardiology with deep-learning-based ECG analysis. External Web Site Icon
Elul Yonatan et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2021 118(24)
Change in Nutrient and Dietary Intake in European Children with Cystic Fibrosis after a 6-Month Intervention with a Self-Management mHealth Tool. External Web Site Icon
Calvo-Lerma Joaquim et al. Nutrients 2021 13(6)


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