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Last Posted: Jun 10, 2021
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Modernizing family health history: achievable strategies to reduce implementation gaps.
Wildin Robert S et al. Journal of community genetics 2021

The NHGRI Family Health History Group, an open-membership, US-based group with international members, believes that integrating FHH in healthcare and research is more important than ever, and that achievable implementation advances, including education, are urgently needed to boost the pace of translational utility in genomic medicine. An inventory of implementation gaps and proposed achievable strategies to address them, representing a consensus developed in meetings from 2019-2020, is presented here. The proposed measures are diverse, interdisciplinary, and are guided by experience and ongoing implementation and research efforts.

Risk of colorectal cancer in first degree relatives of patients with colorectal polyps: nationwide case-control study in Sweden
M Song et al, BMJ May 2021

After adjusting for family history of CRC, the siblings and children of patients with colorectal polyps are still at higher risk of CRC, particularly early onset CRC. Early screening for CRC might be considered for first degree relatives of patients with polyps.

A Hybrid Model for Family History Information Identification and Relation Extraction: Development and Evaluation of an End-to-End Information Extraction System.
Kim Youngjun et al. JMIR medical informatics 2021 9(4) e22797

Family history information is important to assess the risk of inherited medical conditions. Natural language processing has the potential to extract this information from unstructured free-text notes to improve patient care and decision making. We describe the end-to-end information extraction system the Medical University of South Carolina team developed when participating in the 2019 National Natural Language Processing Clinical Challenge (n2c2)/Open Health Natural Language Processing (OHNLP) shared task.

Healthcare providers attitudes towards risk stratification of adopted patients with limited family history information: a cross-sectional survey.
Saltzman Barbara et al. Journal of community genetics 2021

There was no association between years of practice or provider sex and how they screened, managed, or interacted with adopted patients. Providers that had adopted patients did not hold any statistically different opinions on how adopted patients should be managed versus providers that did not. Most providers did not initiate earlier screening for patients with unknown FMH.

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Wildin Robert S et al. Journal of community genetics 2021
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