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Publication Date: Nov 30, 2023

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Large-scale pancreatic cancer detection via non-contrast CT and deep learning.
Kai Cao et al. Nat Med 2023

Application of CT and MRI images based on an artificial intelligence algorithm for predicting lymph node metastasis in breast cancer patients: a meta-analysis.
Cheng-Jie Liu et al. BMC Cancer 2023 23(1) 1134

Comparing Active Surveillance and Watchful Waiting With Radical Treatment Using Machine Learning Models Among Patients With Prostate Cancer.
Siqi Hu et al. JCO Clin Cancer Inform 2023 7e2300083

Noninvasive Staging of Lymph Node Status in Breast Cancer Using Machine Learning: External Validation and Further Model Development.
Malin Hjärtström et al. JMIR Cancer 2023 9e46474

Artificial Intelligence in Melanoma Dermatopathology: A Review of Literature.
Hannah Neimy et al. Am J Dermatopathol 2023

Impact of real-life use of artificial intelligence as support for human reading in a population-based breast cancer screening program with mammography and tomosynthesis.
Esperanza Elías-Cabot et al. Eur Radiol 2023

Prediction of 5-year survival in soft tissue leiomyosarcoma using a machine learning model algorithm.
Pramod N Kamalapathy et al. J Surg Oncol 2023

Should All Pancreatic Cystic Lesions with Worrisome or High-Risk Features Be Resected? A Clinical and Radiological Machine Learning Model May Help to Answer.
Wenyi Deng et al. Acad Radiol 2023

Chronic Disease

EEG-Based Epilepsy Prediction: Evaluation Metrics, Data Deficiency and Limitation of Current Methods.
Bowen Xiong et al. Stud Health Technol Inform 2023 3083-10

Identifying Predictors of Nursing Home Admission by Using Electronic Health Records and Administrative Data: Scoping Review.
Eunkyung Han et al. JMIR Aging 2023 6e42437

Parkinson's disease tremor prediction using EEG data analysis-A preliminary and feasibility study.
Sajjad Farashi et al. BMC Neurol 2023 23(1) 420

Classifying Schizophrenia Cases by Artificial Neural Network Using Japanese Web-Based Survey Data: Case-Control Study.
Yupeng He et al. JMIR Form Res 2023 7e50193

General Practice

Prediction of drinking water quality with machine learning models: A public health nursing approach.
Gözde Özsezer et al. Public Health Nurs 2023

A Conference (Missingness in Action) to Address Missingness in Data and AI in Health Care: Qualitative Thematic Analysis.
Christian Rose et al. J Med Internet Res 2023 25e49314

Guidelines, Consensus Statements, and Standards for the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Systematic Review.
Ying Wang et al. J Med Internet Res 2023 25e46089

Prediction models of suicide and non-fatal suicide attempt after discharge from a psychiatric inpatient stay: A machine learning approach on nationwide Danish registers.
Sara Dorthea Nielsen et al. Acta Psychiatr Scand 2023 148(6) 525-537

Use of Consumer Wearables in Health Research: Issues and Considerations.
Rosie Dobson et al. J Med Internet Res 2023 25e52444

The evolving nature of artificial intelligence: role in public health and health promotion.
Israel Oluwasegun Ayenigbara et al. J Public Health (Oxf) 2023

Requirements for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence and its Application in Healthcare.
Myeongju Kim et al. Healthc Inform Res 2023 29(4) 315-322

Patterns of Morbidity Across the Lifespan: A Population Segmentation Framework for Classifying Health Care Needs for All Ages.
Klaus W Lemke et al. Med Care 2023

Early prediction of in-hospital mortality utilizing multivariate predictive modelling of electronic medical records and socio-determinants of health of the first day of hospitalization.
Daniel Stoessel et al. BMC Med Inform Decis Mak 2023 23(1) 259

Ten Simple Rules for Using Machine Learning in Mental Health Research.
Joaquim Radua et al. Biol Psychiatry 2023

mHealth Intervention to Promote Physical Activity Among Employees Using a Deep Learning Model for Passive Monitoring of Depression and Anxiety: Single-Arm Feasibility Trial.
Kazuhiro Watanabe et al. JMIR Form Res 2023 7e51334

Application of machine learning in predicting survival outcomes involving real-world data: a scoping review.
Yinan Huang et al. BMC Med Res Methodol 2023 23(1) 268

Heart, Lung, Blood and Sleep Diseases

Development and Evaluation of a Natural Language Processing System for Curating a Trans-Thoracic Echocardiogram (TTE) Database.
Tim Dong et al. Bioengineering (Basel) 2023 10(11)

Machine learning algorithms for the prognostication of abdominal aortic aneurysm progression: a systematic review.
Nazifa Ullah et al. Minerva Surg 2023

Machine Learning in Cardiovascular Risk Prediction and Precision Preventive Approaches.
Nitesh Gautam et al. Curr Atheroscler Rep 2023

A deep learning and radiomics based Alberta stroke program early CT score method on CTA to evaluate acute ischemic stroke.
Ting Fang et al. J Xray Sci Technol 2023

Feasibility and limitations of deep learning-based coronary calcium scoring in PET-CT: a comparison with coronary calcium score CT.
Hee Sang Oh et al. Eur Radiol 2023

Deep learning-based NT-proBNP prediction from the ECG for risk assessment in the community.
Meraj Neyazi et al. Clin Chem Lab Med 2023

Infectious Diseases

Early diagnosis of candidemia with explainable machine learning on automatically extracted laboratory and microbiological data: results of the AUTO-CAND project.
Daniele Roberto Giacobbe et al. Ann Med 2023 55(2) 2285454


Machine Learning Prediction of Quality of Life Improvement During Antidepressant Treatment of Patients With Major Depressive Disorder: A STAR*D and CAN-BIND-1 Report.
Tejas Phaterpekar et al. J Clin Psychiatry 2023 85(1)

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This update features emerging roles of big data science, machine learning, and predictive analytics across the life span. The scan focus on various conditions including, birth defects, newborn screening, reproductive health, childhood diseases, cancer, chronic diseases, medication, family health history, guidelines and recommendations. The sweep also includes news, reviews, commentaries, tools and database.

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