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Last Posted: Apr 09, 2021
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Pharmacogenomics in the Era of Next Generation Sequencing - from Byte to Bedside.
Russell Laura E et al. Drug metabolism reviews 2021 1-79

we provide an update of the functional impacts of rare pharmacogenetic variability and how this information can be leveraged to improve pharmacogenetic guidance. Furthermore, we critically discuss the current status of implementation of pharmacogenetic testing across drug development and layers of care. We identify major gaps and provide perspectives on how these can be minimized to optimize the utilization of NGS data.

How pharmacogenomics enables precision approach to care
L Strazewski, AMA, March 2021

"What we learned is that almost everyone has at least one high-risk variant” that can affect response to medication, he said “About 20% of prescriptions in primary care fall into that category. About 50% of patients said they were more likely to take their medications, knowing that this information was being incorporated.”

CYP2D6 genotype and reduced codeine analgesic effect in real-world clinical practice
DC Leon et al, Pharmacogenomics Journal, March 2021

We studied 157 patients on codeine. Based on CYP2D6 genotyping, 69 were classified as poor/intermediate and 88 as normal/ultrarapid CYP2D6 metabolizers. In a propensity-score adjusted model, poor/intermediate metabolizers had lower odds (OR?=?0.35, p?=?0.02) of achieving a pain response than normal/ultrarapid metabolizers. Using a score that includes CYP2D6 phenotype and clinical variables, we found that response rate was 38.5% among patients in the high, 17.3% in the intermediate, and 9.4% in the low-score groups, respectively (p?=?0.001).

Pharmacogenomics guided versus standard antidepressant treatment in a community pharmacy setting: A randomized controlled trial.
Papastergiou John et al. Clinical and translational science 2021

In this prospective, single-blind randomized controlled design, we evaluated the impact of pharmacogenomics guided versus standard antidepressant treatment of depression and anxiety, implemented in three large community pharmacies. Participants were 213 outpatients diagnosed with major depressive disorder and/or generalized anxiety disorder, randomized to receive pharmacogenomics guided (n = 105) or standard antidepressant treatment (n = 108).

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