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We have to retire this site due to some reasons. This site has not longer been updated and some links are not working properly.

25 disease terms (MeSH) has been reported with PHOX2B gene.

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Disease Term (MeSH)
Total Publication
Meta-analysis Publications
    Hirschsprung Disease Phenopedia 6 0
    Hypoventilation Phenopedia 4 0
    Crohn Disease Phenopedia 4 1
    Sleep Apnea, Central Phenopedia 4 0
    Death, Sudden Phenopedia 3 0
    Neuroblastoma Phenopedia 3 0
    Autonomic Nervous System Diseases Phenopedia 2 0
    Sleep Apnea, Obstructive Phenopedia 2 0
    Sudden Infant Death Phenopedia 1 0
    Syndrome Phenopedia 1 0
    Abnormalities, Multiple Phenopedia 1 0
    Bipolar Disorder Phenopedia 1 0
    Colitis, Ulcerative Phenopedia 1 1
    Growth Disorders Phenopedia 1 0
    Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1 Phenopedia 1 0
    Disease Progression Phenopedia 1 0
    Epilepsy Phenopedia 1 0
    Parkinson Disease Phenopedia 1 0
    Schizophrenia Phenopedia 1 0
    Hypercapnia Phenopedia 1 0
    Hypoglycemia Phenopedia 1 0
    Ileal Diseases Phenopedia 1 0
    Malocclusion, Angle Class II Phenopedia 1 0
    Neoplasm Recurrence, Local Phenopedia 1 0
    Nervous System Neoplasms Phenopedia 1 0
Note: The number of publications displayed in this table will differ from the number displayed in the HuGE Literature Finder as the number in Genopedia reflects only the indexed disease term without children terms, but the number in the HuGE Literature Finder reflects all text searches of the disease term including the indexed term and corresponding children terms.