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Last Posted: May 24, 2024
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The acceptability and clinical impact of using polygenic scores for risk-estimation of common cancers in primary care: a systematic review
(Posted May 24, 2024 9AM)

From the abstract: "A total of 190 papers were identified, 18 of which were eligible for inclusion. A cancer risk-assessment tool incorporating PGS was acceptable to the general practice population and their healthcare providers but major challenges to implementation were identified, including lack of evidence for PGS in non-European ancestry and a need for healthcare provider education in genomic medicine. A PGS cancer risk-assessment had relatively limited impact on psychosocial outcomes and health behaviours. However, for prostate cancer, potential applications for its use in primary care were shown. "

Turning the tide of early cancer detection
(Posted May 22, 2024 2PM)

From the abstract: "Next-generation liquid biopsy technologies that target the detection of cell-free DNA with fragments of circulating tumor DNA could be a game-changer in early cancer detection, but their adoption requires further clinical testing and consideration of harm. "

Cancer mRNA vaccines: clinical advances and future opportunities
(Posted May 20, 2024 10AM)

From the abstract: "Thus far, no mRNA-based cancer vaccines have received regulatory approval, although several phase I–II trials have yielded promising results, including in historically poorly immunogenic tumours. Furthermore, many early phase trials testing a wide range of vaccine designs are currently ongoing. In this Review, we describe the advantages of cancer mRNA vaccines and advances in clinical trials using both cell-based and nanoparticle-based delivery methods, with discussions of future combinations and iterations that might optimize the activity of these agents. "

Genomic sequencing research in pediatric cancer care: Decision-making, attitudes, and perceived utility among adolescents and young adults and their parents
(Posted May 18, 2024 4PM)

From the abstract: "Professional guidelines recommend engaging adolescents and young adults (AYAs) in medical decision-making (DM), including whether to undergo genomic sequencing (GS). We explored DM around GS and attitudes after return of GS results among a diverse group of AYAs with cancer and their parents. Methods: We surveyed AYAs with cancer (n=75) and their parents (n=52) six months after receiving GS results through the Texas KidsCanSeq Study. We analyzed AYAs’ DM role in GS research enrollment and their satisfaction with that role. We compared AYAs’ and parents’ self-reported understanding of, attitudes toward, and perceived utility of the AYAs’ GS results. "

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