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18 hot topic(s) found with the query "Sudden infant death syndrome "

Reappraisal of variants previously linked with sudden infant death syndrome: results from three population-based cohorts
CP Muller et al, EJHG, May 2019 (Posted: May-03-2019 8AM)

Exome-Wide Rare Variant Analyses in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Tester David J et al. The Journal of pediatrics 2018 Sep (Posted: Oct-22-2018 2PM)

Noncardiac genetic predisposition in sudden infant death syndrome.
Gray Belinda et al. Genetics in medicine : official journal of the American College of Medical Genetics 2018 Aug (Posted: Aug-27-2018 8AM)

Cardiac Genetic Predisposition in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Tester David J et al. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 2018 Mar 71(11) 1217-1227 (Posted: Mar-21-2018 4PM)

Sudden infant death syndrome and inherited cardiac conditions.
Baruteau Alban-Elouen et al. Nature reviews. Cardiology 2017 Sep (Posted: Oct-17-2017 11AM)

Sudden infant death syndrome due to long QT syndrome: a brief review of the genetic substrate and prevalence.
Ioakeimidis Nikolaos S et al. Journal of biological research (Thessalonike, Greece) 2017 Dec 6 (Posted: Oct-06-2017 1PM)

Long QT syndrome and sudden unexpected infant death.
Van Niekerk Chantal et al. Journal of clinical pathology 2017 Sep 70(9) 808-813 (Posted: Sep-27-2017 9AM)

Postmortem genetic analysis of sudden unexpected death in infancy: neonatal genetic screening may enable the prevention of sudden infant death.
Oshima Yuki et al. Journal of human genetics 2017 Jul (Posted: Aug-02-2017 8AM)

Postmortem Genetic Testing for Sudden Unexpected Death.
Schrodi Steven J et al. JAMA 2017 Jan 317(3) 320-321 (Posted: Jan-25-2017 9AM)

Post-mortem whole-exome analysis in a large sudden infant death syndrome cohort with a focus on cardiovascular and metabolic genetic diseases
J Neubauer et al, Eur J Human Genetics, January 11, 2017 (Posted: Jan-11-2017 10AM)

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
Brand (Posted: Oct-26-2016 6PM)

Inborn Errors of Metabolism That Cause Sudden Infant Death: A Systematic Review with Implications for Population Neonatal Screening Programmes.
van Rijt Willemijn J et al. Neonatology 2016 Feb 109(4) 297-302 (Posted: Mar-02-2016 9AM)

Sudden unexpected death in infancy: biological mechanisms.
Galland Barbara C et al. Paediatr Respir Rev 2014 Dec (4) 287-92 (Posted: Sep-09-2015 9AM)

Sudden infant death syndrome and the genetics of inflammation.
Ferrante Linda et al. Front Immunol 2015 63 (Posted: Sep-09-2015 9AM)

Polymorphisms in genes of respiratory control and sudden infant death syndrome.
Läer Katharina et al. Int. J. Legal Med. 2015 Sep (5) 977-84 (Posted: Sep-09-2015 9AM)

Genetic and Environmental Factors Affecting TNF-α Responses in Relation to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Moscovis Sophia M et al. Front Immunol 2015 374 (Posted: Sep-09-2015 9AM)

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Brand (Posted: Sep-09-2015 9AM)

Sudden infant death syndrome
From NCATS Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center Brand (Posted: Jan-01-2011 0AM)

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