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24 disease terms (MeSH) has been reported with SOST gene.

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Disease Term (MeSH)
Total Publication
Meta-analysis Publications
    Osteoporosis Phenopedia 9 2
    Osteoporosis, Postmenopausal Phenopedia 3 0
    Obesity Phenopedia 2 0
    Arthritis, Rheumatoid Phenopedia 2 0
    Fractures, Bone Phenopedia 2 0
    Osteoarthritis, Knee Phenopedia 2 0
    Spinal Fractures Phenopedia 2 0
    Spinal Injuries Phenopedia 1 1
    Wounds and Injuries Phenopedia 1 0
    Osteolysis Phenopedia 1 0
    Fractures, Stress Phenopedia 1 0
    Disease Progression Phenopedia 1 0
    Glucose Intolerance Phenopedia 1 0
    Hepatitis C, Chronic Phenopedia 1 1
    Hip Fractures Phenopedia 1 0
    Inflammation Phenopedia 1 1
    Insulin Resistance Phenopedia 1 0
    Liver Cirrhosis Phenopedia 1 1
    Osteitis Deformans Phenopedia 1 0
    Osteoarthritis Phenopedia 1 0
    Osteoarthritis, Hip Phenopedia 1 0
    Osteoporotic Fractures Phenopedia 1 0
    Prediabetic State Phenopedia 1 0
    Prosthesis Failure Phenopedia 1 0
Note: The number of publications displayed in this table will differ from the number displayed in the HuGE Literature Finder as the number in Genopedia reflects only the indexed disease term without children terms, but the number in the HuGE Literature Finder reflects all text searches of the disease term including the indexed term and corresponding children terms.