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Last data update: Sep 20, 2018. (Total: 50708 Records)
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GRANTOMICS is a search engine and analysis tool for grant information associated with published literature on evidence-based translation of genomics discoveries into improved health care and disease prevention, and human genome epidemiology. The literature information is from Genomics & Health Impact Scan Database and HuGE Literature Finder Database. The grant information is extracted from the grant data in PubMed records and NIH RePORT. Grant information can be searched by disease/condition, environmental risk factors, or gene of study and other free text, and a simple analysis can be performed.

Content Statistics

  • Total Grants: 50708
  • Total HHS Grants: 21168
  • Total NIH Grants: 20830

  • Total Funding Agencies: 944
  • Total HHS Funding Agencies: 52
  • Total NIH Funding Agencies: 30