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mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines: An Incredible Feat of Genomic Technology
J Cono et al, CDC Blog post, March 5, 2021

mRNA vaccines can be more quickly generated in the laboratory using the genetic sequences for selected pathogen proteins. The mRNA vaccine manufacturing process is more easily scaled up to produce large volumes of vaccine. And mRNA technology is more quickly adaptable should there ever be a need to reformulate a vaccine against virus variants that could develop.

An Effective New Tool in the Toolbox
CDC COVID-19 Weekly Review, March 5, 2021

Vaccinations, wearing a well-fitted mask, and taking other precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 can help end the pandemic. We need to use all tools in the toolbox, accelerate vaccination and ensure vaccines are distributed equitably, and learn from our initial successes.

L-6 blockade for COVID-19: a global scientific call to arms
S Murthy et al, Lancet Microbe, March 5, 2021

Since early in the pandemic, modulating the immune response beyond steroids has been the source of a great deal of scientific attention, with the role of repurposed IL-6-blocking agents reported in a number of observational studies and randomized controlled trials.

Possible Side Effects After Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine
CDC, March 5, 2021

In most cases, discomfort from pain or fever is a normal sign that your body is building protection. Contact your doctor or healthcare provider: If the redness or tenderness where you got the shot gets worse after 24 hours If your side effects are worrying you or do not seem to be going away after a few days.

news Latest News and Publications
The society for craniofacial genetics and developmental biology 43rd annual meeting.
Brugmann Samantha, et al. American journal of medical genetics. Part A 2021 3 0.

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A remote undergraduate biology seminar on SARS-CoV-2 literature.
Leri Alessandra C, et al. Biochemistry and molecular biology education : a bimonthly publication of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2021 3 0.

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Quercetin/Zinc complex and stem cells: A new drug therapy to ameliorate glycometabolic control and pulmonary dysfunction in diabetes mellitus: Structural characterization and genetic studies.
Refat Moamen S, et al. PloS one 2021 0 0. (3) e0246265

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CRISPR immunity: a case study for justified somatic genetic modification?
Adashi Eli Y, et al. Journal of medical ethics 2021 3 0.

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Flavonoids against the SARS-CoV-2 induced inflammatory storm.
Liskova Alena, et al. Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie 2021 2 0. 111430

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Molecular strategies for antibody binding and escape of SARS-CoV-2 and its mutations
M Hendy et al, BIORXIV, March 5, 2021

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A selective sweep in the Spike gene has driven SARS-CoV-2 human adaptation
L Kang et al, BIORXIV, March 5, 2021

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Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Mutations Over Time Reveals Increasing Prevalence of Variants in the Spike Protein and RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase
WM Showers et al, BIORXIV, March 5, 2021

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Neutralization heterogeneity of United Kingdom and South-African SARS CoV-2 variants in BNT162b2-vaccinated or convalescent COVID-19 healthcare workers
SS Marot et al, BIORXIV, March 5, 2021

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Genome sequencing and analysis of an emergent SARS-CoV-2 variant characterized by multiple spike protein mutations detected from the Central Visayas Region of the Philippines
FA Tablizo et al, MEDRXIV, March 6, 2021

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