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Last Posted: May 28, 2024
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Global, regional, and national burden of thalassemia, 1990–2021: a systematic analysis for the global burden of disease study 2021

From the abstract: "The global burden of thalassemia, reflected in its prevalence, incidence, mortality, and DALYs, exhibits significant disparities. Geographic and demographic shifts in disease distribution have been observed from 1990 to 2021, with an overall decrease in burden, yet an increase in cases among the elderly population. Analysis of epidemiological trends over time highlights the influence of health policies and significant public health interventions on thalassemia outcomes. "

Rethinking non-syndromic hearing loss and its mimics in the genomic era
B Vona, EJHG, March 6, 2024

From the article: "The sense of hearing plays a crucial role in everyday life, from influencing speech and language development in early childhood to reducing risk of social isolation, depression and cognitive decline in the elderly. The causes of hearing loss are numerous, although genetic causes are thought to be implicated in up to 80% of congenital diagnoses (reviewed in ref. [1]). The remarkable complexity of the auditory system is mirrored in its extensive genetic heterogeneity, with deleterious variants in hundreds of genes already associated with hearing loss and many more awaiting discovery. "

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